Company Profile

Easat Radar Systems Limited (formally Easat Antennas Ltd) was founded in 1987 as an independent specialist company to design and build radar antennas. The Company has since established itself as market leader in the manufacture of bespoke high-performance commercial radar antennas and supplier of complete radar systems.

Easat offers a range of radar antennas, turning units, pedestals, radar systems, towers and maintenance / support services. Approximately 90% of the Easat's products are exported.

Easat is part of Goodwin PLC Group. Occupying shared facilities, Easat has direct access to Goodwin Group’s electrical and mechanical engineering expertise and manufacturing resources, ensuring that customer requirements are fully resourced in a highly cost-effective manner.

Core Markets and Technologies

Easat products are in service in over 60 countries with more than 500 installations. Applications include:

  • Air traffic control using fixed or transportable radar systems
  • Coastal surveillance for law enforcement and border protection
  • Port traffic monitoring for coastguard services, port authorities and commercial organisations
  • Offshore surveillance around sensitive facilities, notably oil and gas installations
  • Air defence using permanent or transportable systems
  • Air traffic monitoring and en-route systems
  • Airport surface movement, A-SMGCS
  • Military range safety
  • Air traffic management and surveillance 'gap-filling'.