EASAT Taipei Liaison Office Name Plate

EASAT - Taipei Liaison Office

In order to promote cooperation in the field of the radar system technologies with Taiwanese organisations, EASAT has set up a Taipei Liaison Office to help create a new-generation of civilian air traffic control (ATC) radar systems as well as dual-use technology for Military and Civil sectors.

EASAT Taipei Liaison Office:
Address: 5F, No.12, Lane 538, Zhong-Zheng Rd. Sin Dian Dist., New Taipei City, 23141 Taiwan.
Phone number: +886 2 8667 6766
(25 July 2022)

Easat - Anechoic Chamber

EASAT - Anechoic Chamber

Antenna Radiation Pattern Near Field Test Facility
New world class state-of-the-art cylindrical near field RF antenna test facility, now available for hire to third party companies and organisations worldwide. 

(1 March 2018)

Coastal Transportable Radar

Coastal Transportable Radar

Rapidly Deployed, Full Capability, Transportable Maritime Radar Systems
High performance transportable coastal radar system is designed to provide an autonomous, rapidly deployable coastal radar system capable of detecting targets at ranges up to 37Nm.

(1 December 2017)

Air traffic control - transportable

Air Traffic Control - Transportable

Rapidly Deployed, Full Capability, Transportable ATC Radar Systems
Easat Transportable Air Traffic Control Radars ensure cost-effective and targeted response to crisis situations in remote or potentially hostile regions, as well as in more benign situations. 

(1 December 2017)