EA7401D FMCW Stacked Array Antenna

The EA7401D is a dual antenna designed for Frequency-Modulated Continuous-Wave (FMCW) radar system, Surface Movement Radar and space diversity sea surveillance. The antenna consists of two linear arrays stacked on top of each other. Both arrays have inverse cosec2 elevation radiation pattern to -40°, providing excellent coverage of sea or airport surface areas.

Operating at X-band, this antenna uses techniques developed from cellular radio technology to provide a unique combination of RF performance, compact size and low weight.

The antenna provides azimuth resolution of about 0.32°, whilst being able to handle continuous power without loss of performance.

Unlike slotted waveguide antennas, the EA7401D antenna azimuth beam pointing angle is independent of RF frequency, therefore this antenna does not suffer from beam squint with change in frequency, making it ideal for FMCW radar systems. The EA7401D antenna is available with either fixed circular or fixed horizontal polarisation


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