Easat provides full range of specialist testing of radar equipment and systems

Easat provides a full range of testing of all Easat supplied radar equipment and is able to provide bespoke testing of third-party equipment.

Operational Testing

To ensure satisfactory operation in service, preliminary run tests are carried out on all equipment prior to factory acceptance testing.

Tests are performed at Easat's own laboratory which is equipped to carry out the measurement of small to medium sized RF components.

Mechanical Factory Acceptance Tests

Prior to despatch, all equipment is tested to factory acceptance standards and is witnessed either by the customer or an Easat QA representative.

RF Testing

Every antenna manufactured by Easat is subjected to RF testing in an independent ISO 9001-accredited antenna test facility.

The antenna pattern is measured in the near-field and results are transformed to the far-field; this process provides more accurate results than far-field measurement alone and is also capable of providing pattern cuts at various points in space, should this be required by the customer.

Each major RF component is checked and tested to ensure compliance with performance requirements before being assembled on the antenna. The checks include assessment of critical parameters such as:

  • Input Voltage Standing Wave Ration (VSWR) and insertion loss for reflector feeds sub-array components.
  • Waveguide lengths and amplitude ratios for polarisation switching networks.
  • Phase linearity for sub-array assemblies.

Please contact us to discuss your radar testing requirements.

Antenna in Testing bay