Offshore wind farms are becoming increasingly popular as a source of renewable energy. However, they can pose a risk to maritime sovereignty and safety if not properly monitored. Easat’s offshore coastal radar systems are an effective solution for detecting and tracking vessels in the vicinity of wind farms and beyond.

Easat’s offshore coastal radar system is purpose designed for wind farm mitigation, ensuring reliable detection and tracking of vessels in the area. With a range of up to 26 nautical miles in clear weather and ranges up to 24 nautical miles in rain and a high degree of accuracy, the system provides operators with real-time information on vessel position, speed, and direction of travel. 

The system is also equipped with advanced features such as automatic target tracking and alarm notifications, ensuring rapid response in the event of a potential threat. With our offshore coastal radar system, operators can ensure the safety of their installations and the vessels operating around them. As an option we can also provide differentiation between boats and low flying aircraft.


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