Easat Radar Systems Ltd being one of over twenty subsidiary companies of Goodwin PLC, participates in Group mandated ESG activity that includes:


a) Reduce energy consumption, the company has initiated various programs to reduce electrical consumption by optimising control of in factory and office processes. A 11% reduction has been achieved in the past 2 years.

b) Installing Solar Panels on Easat’s roof space to generate carbon free electricity and so far contributes to an achieved Group reduction of purchased electricity of 5.6 MWh per year, a 24.7% reduction.

c) Sharing in the benefits of Goodwin PLC buying 1,200 acres of land on which approx. 560,000 broad leave trees will be planted to counterbalance 2,145 tonnes of CO2 that is produced per year in the Group by burning Natural Gas.

Employees & Diversity
a) Development, the Group has operated an apprentice school for the last ten years that takes on 30 young persons a year, takes them through a four year training program and then place these trained engineers in the subsidiaries of Goodwin PLC. Easat has 25% of it’s employees who have come through the apprentice scheme some of which have either completed further university training or are undergoing university training.

b) Diversity, we are targeting to employ more women from the board down to the shop floor and operate an open hiring philosophy where disabled and persons with diversity of gender and ethnic background are not disadvantaged.

c) Consultation, run a flat level management system where shop floor workers and other employees can easily communicate with top management on a day to day basis as well as through the works representatives.

a) Support the local communities through charitable activities and initiatives to support the local area with circa. £100,000 per year of donations.

b) Commitment to conducting sustainable business and ensuring our suppliers and business partners adopt the same level of high ethical standards.

Health & Safety
a) Providing a safe environment for people at all of our facilities is an unconditional priority for all of those charged with governance. Awareness and training to continually reduce risk and improve safety is a mind-set that is reinforced on a daily basis.


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