The EA7401M is the latest offering from Easat and offers excellent RF performance.

The EA7401M printed linear array employs design and production techniques developed for mobile telecommunications applications to provide excellent RF performance.

The antenna is designed for very short pulse operation, consistent with a short minimum range requirement for surface movement radars and has been used with both solid state and magnetron based systems.

The antenna offers ≤0.32° azimuth 3dB beam-width giving excellent range and azimuth resolution and provides operation with 25ns pulse width without pulse distortion. The antenna also offers zero squint with frequency, making it particularly suitable for use with frequency agile and frequency diverse systems.

Offering a high standard specification, the antenna includes circular polarisation for weather penetration and inverse cosec2 beam shaping to minimise effects of rain clutter. Additionally, wide angle coverage, low weight and low noise make the EA7401M ideal for mounting on top of Visual Control Rooms.

  • Parallel Feed Array – No Squint With Frequency
  • ≤0.32° Azimuth Beam-Width
  • Circular Polarisation and Inverse Cosec2
  • Beam-Shape
  • Low Wind Resistance
  • Wide Beam-Width


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