Easat offer S-Band, X-Band or Combined S & X-Band, Solid-State, Dual Redundant, High-Power Transceivers to complement
our range of High-Gain, High-Resolution Antennas.

Easat’s Coastal Surveillance Radar Systems provide Excellent Performance Detection of both Large and Small Targets in all Weather Conditions.

Conventionally X-Band has been the normal choice for surface target surveillance (such as ships and boats) whereas S-Band is the commonly chosen for air targets. For a high installation looking at a surface targets X-Band will give the best range performance for a practical, commercial system in clear weather. This is due to the physics of the interaction of the radar signals with the surface of the Earth. 

In practice conditions are rarely ideal, with rain and/or high sea conditions often exploited for illegal activities. In heavy rain, X-band suffers from serious range degradation due to both high clutter reflections (even using circular polarisation) and extra range loss induced by the rain itself.

S-Band from the same high elevated site is largely unaffected by poor weather conditions, but will not have as longer range as X-band in clear weather.



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