The EA40575 Reflector System provides two separate elevation beams, one optimised for air surveillance, the other
optimized for sea surveillance.

The EA45075 antenna is based on a lightweight carbon fibre composite parabolic reflector. Two RF feed horns provide the air
and sea beams.

Remotely controlled polarisation switching is provided between Horizontal (HP) and Circular (CP) on both beams. Polarisation can be individually selected for each beam.  The antenna can also accommodate various
forms of IFF antennas.

The antenna offers 0.52° azimuth 3dB beam-width giving excellent range and azimuth resolution providing excellent target
discrimination at long range. Offering a high standard specification, the antenna includes selectable horizontal or circular polarisation for weather penetration on both air and sea beams. On the air beam, the antenna provides inverse cosec2 shaping for constant target illumination, and a modified pencil sea beam for long range detection and reduced
rain and sea clutter.

The EA45075 antenna is designed for use mounted on a stabilised platform. An Easat turning unit and stabilised platform can be provided, or it can be mounted on a turning unit supplied by the customer.


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