The Easat COMPASS for Military & Civilian Applications Transportable Radar System is a deployable dual-use civil or
military air traffic surveillance remote radar system.

Typical uses include as a gap-filler, for temporary deployment or disaster relief or as an emergency backup radar system, or for deployments to airfields/airstrips without existing radar infrastructure.

The system includes an ICAO & Eurocontrol-compliant modern fully solid-state high-performance S-band primary radar (PSR) and Mode-S secondary radar (MSSR Mode-S) system with integrated ADS-B.

Packaged into two ISO 40 ft containers; the first contains a deployable combined PSR and MSSR antenna, while the second container converts into a climate controlled electronics equipment cabin including a two seat ATM display control.
Enough additional space is available to install further customer equipment such as communications.

Radar, ADS-B, and other data are provided in common ASTERIX output formats which can be transmitted via data links to additional ATM and/or radar monitoring sites (allowing for autonomous system operation).


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