EASAT Radar Systems not only manufacture in house all sensor hardware: antennas, solid state S & X band transceivers L Band interrogators and CWP’s for over 20 years, but generate our software and algorithms for such equipment such that we offer systems compliant with Euro Control Mode-S Level 4.

To complement the 24 sensors Easat has historically supplied, Easat Radar Systems Ltd also provides airports with “Turnkey Solutions” where we integrate hard and software such that we offer bespoke ATM and A-SMGCS solutions.

EASAT obtain the ATM and A-SMGCS software from ANSART® in the Netherlands, or if stipulated by the customer, and then purchase and integrate COT’s equipment such as Dual redundant Server Racks, UPS’s, Radios and Recorders.

With over 350 installations worldwide, Easat Radar Systems Ltd has global experience in working on all four continents and has developed a track record for reliability, good service, high performance and competitive products.

  • High Precision Passive Surveillance
  • Accurate Real-Time Position of all Objects Equipped with a Mode A/C/S, ADS-B Transponder in all Weather Conditions
  • ADS-B Data Processing
  • Relevant Identification of Targets
  • Track Reports Delivery to External Systems
  • System Status Reporting


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