As part of the Easat ATM and A-SMGCS Systems, Easat can supply a large range of standard or bespoke Controller Working Positions (CWP’s) to suit all ATC & A-SMGCS System requirements.

Key Benefits / Options:

  • Tailor-Made Solutions
  • Ergonomic Designs from High-Quality, Durable Materials
  • Large Range of Configurations i.e. Linear, Angled or Curved Designs
  • Modular Designs that can be Upgraded for Future Proofing
  • Built-In Ventilation
  • Built-In Cable Management
  • Easy On-Site Assembly
  • Variety of Colours available
  • Touch Screens, KVM Extenders
  • Integrated VCCS Systems
  • Electronic Flight Strips
  • Flight Strip Printer


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