To complement Easat’s ATM and A-SMGCS Systems, Easat offer a range of VHF and UHF Radio Systems along with
Recorders and Voice Communication Systems.

  • Customisable to Customer Specific requirements;
  • VHF & UHF ATC Radios for Fixed and Mobile Ground Stations providing a Radio Connection to the Aircraft for Voice or Data ATC Communications;
  • Compliant to ED-137 A, B and C ensuring Compatibility with IP-VCS Systems;
  • Radios can be Configured as Main/Standby Pairs with Automatic Switchover in the Event of an Alarm or Failure;
  • VHF Radios developed with Secure Software methodology in mind to achieve Eurocae ED-109A Software Assurance Level 5 (AL5);
  • Offered Radios have Intelligent Built-in-Test Equipment which enables Radios to Continually Monitor own Environment and Performance and Alerts Operator with Diagnostic Information;
  • All Radios offered with Remote Control and Management System (RCMS) for providing Peace Of Mind and Easy Configuration of the network from a Simple Web Interface, with Remote Testing and Monitoring.
  • Recorder Systems that Captures, Replays and Analyses all Data, ready to deliver the Total Scenario when Reconstruction of an Incident is Imperative;
  • Flexible Recorder Solutions for all sizes of ATC Systems.
  • Recorder and Replay Systems for ATC with ability to cover:


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