The Easat X-Trac Surface Movement Radar (SMR) provides Radar Surveillance of Aircraft, vehicles and other objects within the Airport Perimeter (Runways, Taxiways, Parking, and Apron Areas) for the Air Traffic Controllers. The Design of the Radar System helps ensure Detection and Tracking of very small targets in severe clutter (Rain, Fog, Snow) and other Reduced Visibility Conditions.

Easat’s X-Trac SMR can be supplied as a standalone Surface Movement Radar System or integrated into Advanced Surface Movement and Guidance Control System (A-SMGCS) without any modification or enhancements required.

  • Suitable for Integration with A-SMGCS System
  • Printed Parallel-Fed Array – Zero Squint with Frequency
  • Circular polarisation for weather penetration and Inverse Cosec2 beamshape to minimise effects of rain clutter
  • Solid state transceiver – frequency selection across 9.0 to 9.5 GHz X-band for maximum flexibility
  • Parallel feed array – no squint with frequency
  • Sub 0.33 degree azimuth beamwidth
  • Gain: 35.5 dBi at 9.5GHz
  • Rotation rate (typical): 60 RPM
  • Anti-Icing Option Available
  • Tailored Spares, Maintenance & Upgrade Packages available


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